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Designed by internationally renowned headache specialists and AI experts, TengAI Health MiniProgram offers comprehensive solutions for headache patients. These solutions include AI-empowered headache evaluation, finding nearby headache specialists, online consultations, cutting-edge medication and medical device recommendations, digital pharmacy access, patient education, nutritional supplements, digital therapeutics, headache diaries, and lifestyle guidance. This approach provides a highly personalized and holistic method for managing headache disorders.

Physician App



With evidence-based medicine (EBM) at its core and by leveraging advancements in big data and artificial intelligence, TengAI Health has developed MedLinc, a comprehensive physician app & solution designed to empower healthcare professionals in learning, training, clinical practice, and research.
- MedLinc offers a wealth of quality content, including headache research frontiers, training courses, and clinical case discussions, etc.
- It is equipped with a variety of digital tools, such as a headache-specific EMR, online consultation feature, patient management module, headache registry databases, etc.



The digital intelligent tools of TengAI Health can reduce the failure rate of screening, and improve compliance during clinical trials and real-world evidence studies; it can also provide value-added resources for marketing and medical teams, as well as digital tools for data collection & analysis and compliance with research protocols.



Annually, headaches result in several billion yuan in losses due to disability and work absenteeism. TengAI Health addresses this issue by implementing a comprehensive approach that includes patient education, access to quality medical resources, recommendations for advanced treatments, and lifestyle management, etc. Our effective strategies aim to reduce the impact of primary headaches on employees, their families, and overall productivity.

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TengAI Health is Nerivio/Theranica's exclusive strategic partner in China.

Nerivio is an FDA-cleared, drug-free wearable device designed to treat and prevent migraines without systemic side effects or risk of overuse. It is a remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) device controlled by a smartphone app, allowing users to customize their migraine treatment intensity and duration. Nerivio is suitable for patients aged 12 and up and is non-invasive.

Nerivio is expected to officially launch in China in the second half of 2024. It can be used in the near term in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in Hainan.

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Pier 88 Health was jointly founded by clinical medical experts, digital technology professionals, and AI specialists. We aim to make quality chronic pain management services accessible through innovative technologies, therefore benefit the vast population of chronic pain patients in China, effectively alleviating pain and improving life quality, and eventually fulfill our corporate mission of  'No Unbearable Pain in Life'  . Our founding and executive team hail from leading international high-tech and digital health companies such as Microsoft, Accenture, Morningstar, and higi. Our medical advisory team is composed of experts from world-class medical institutions such as Stanford University Medical Center, the University of California Medical Center, etc.

TengAI Health, a brand of Pier 88 Health, is committed to building an innovative digital platform to empower and transform chronic pain management. TengAI Health focuses on headaches, especially migraines, with evidence-based medicine at its core and is driven by artificial intelligence and big data.