International Patient Services

With the goal of offering patient-centered care, Pier 88 Health has brought together an elite group of

physician specialists associated with many of the leading institutions to provide patients with cost-effective consultation services,

including Second Opinion Service and International Referral Service

Pier 88 Health has always regarded patient-centered care as an essential aim of international health services.

Cost-effective consultations are provided for patients supported by leading international medical centers and medical experts, including Second Opinion Service and International Referral Service.

Why Us

Expertise & Experience

First-class Medical Experts

Rich Experience in Second Opinion Service

Premium Quality

Collaboration with Top 20 Medical Institutions Worldwide

1000+ International Professional Experts

High Efficiency

Teleconsultation within 5 Business Days

Written Report of Second Opinion Consultation within 15 Business Days

Privacy Protection

Technical & Operational Solutions

Ensure Data Privacy

Key Specialties




Pediatric Intensive Care

Other Challenging Cases

Second Opinion Service

The Second Opinion Service delivers the most effective second opinion for patients with record analysis and diagnosis & treatment plans via instant messaging, e-mail, audio or video conferencing.

International Referral Service

Based on the comprehensive evaluation of second opinion, Pier 88 Health contacts with leading hospitals/medical centers in the United States for patients in need of international referrals, and provides patients with the most cost-effective international medical service.

In collaboration with various leading medical institutions worldwide, Pier 88 Health offers access to safe, efficient and convenient medical appointments.

Collaborating Medical Centers

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